To Get the Answers You Want, You Must Ask the Right Questions

By | 05/11/2016

It seems apparent that most humans appreciate knowing the answers to things. To stay informed, most people will tune into the news networks, public radio, read the newspaper, a magazine, or visit their favorite news websites. These forms of media claim to have answers that they have done through their “investigative journalism,” and they are submitted to you, the viewer or reader as a way of “easy to access” through their “trusted network.”


Recently, loads of information is now being brought to public spotlight exposing the media, religious institutions, politicians, and other sources who claim they are trustworthy. This information gives the mass public the chance to actually discover the truths as opposed to the lies they are fed. New people everyday are given the opportunity to take the red pill instead of the blue pill, and they are becoming awake.

Through the internet, there is tons of solid, fact-checked, and sourced information out there, while there is also a ton of misinformation, pushing people towards the manipulated pathways. To get the answers that you desire, you must continue to ask questions, and question what you read, and what you hear.

This day and age of recording devices mixed in with tons of technology that can manipulate pictures and videos, it can become hard to distinguish fallacy from reality. Everything must be analyzed and sources must be trustworthy for anything to have a solid answer. And just when you think you have come to a conclusion, always keep your mind open for new information to be brought to the table.

One of the movies that truly brought me to light in understanding the importance of questioning was in the movie I Robot, starring Will Smith. In the movie, it is the year 2035, and robots are becoming a major part of society. Will is extremely untrusting of the Robots, and his skepticism only increases when a beloved doctor and creator of the hardware and software that the robots followed is killed by one of the robots His journey takes him down a rabbit hole of trying to uncover the true nature of the situation. During this journey, a hologram of the doctor is able to communicate with Will and answer some of his questions, but only the questions that the doctor claims are “the right questions.”

irobot doctor

Throughout the movie, Will tries to ask the doctor simple questions, which he is able to answer, but as the questions get deeper and more abstract, the doctor has 2 unexpected responses. The first one being, if the question is unrelated to solving the mystery, the doctor says to him “you must ask the right questions,” and does not answer Will’s inquiries. But, as Will asks him the more haunting questions, particularly follow-up questions that have not been answered in real time, but are instrumental to solving the mystery, the doctor says, “that is the right question.”

What I have come to take away from this is that in life, conversation with others, and conversations with our own inner thoughts, there are wrong questions, and there are right questions. The wrong questions are that of the type that are not crucial in helping is attain the next step in our life, learn something, or simply a waste of time in answering. The right questions are those that get you to analyze situations. Asking “what” and “how” rather than “why.” The right questions are the ones that influence continued productive discussion. The right questions are the ones that, when answered, can solve a mystery. A good question is one that can help someone analyze why something is not working, and what they can do to change it. They help identify issues, and gain further information. The right questions can influence new ideas, and persuade someone to think differently. The right questions are the one that provoke thoughts. The right questions lead to the answers that you want.

vanessa redgrave“Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” Vanessa Redgrave





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