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The Forces of Star Wars

The events that are depicted in Star Wars take place in a fictional galaxy “far, far away”, in which  many species of various alien creatures, many of whom are humanoid, are depicted. Droids are also quite popular in the flicks and are typically produced in order to serve their owners. Space travel is of the… Read More »

Forces of Nature

With all of this philosophical talk, I thought we could take a different step towards talking about the forces, and instead, talk about scientific forces. Force is an external interaction, that, when acted upon an object, it results in causing a halt to a momentum of the object in motion, or, it can cause there… Read More »

How To Find Your Purpose in Life

During just about every person’s upbringing, there was a point in time where we all believed that we had a mission in life. Whether it be through older children, parental figures, teachers, religious institutions, or other important figures in our lives, we were all introduced to the belief that we each had a purpose in… Read More »

To Get the Answers You Want, You Must Ask the Right Questions

It seems apparent that most humans appreciate knowing the answers to things. To stay informed, most people will tune into the news networks, public radio, read the newspaper, a magazine, or visit their favorite news websites. These forms of media claim to have answers that they have done through their “investigative journalism,” and they are… Read More »

The Fallacy that is the Law of the Land

We began as single cells who multiplied. Over the course of billions of years, we came to this existence. We beat out all of the other sperm cells and eggs to become the being that was born in flesh capable of thought. As time passes on, and we progress through the journey of life, at… Read More »