The Fallacy that is the Law of the Land

By | 04/11/2016

We began as single cells who multiplied. Over the course of billions of years, we came to this existence. We beat out all of the other sperm cells and eggs to become the being that was born in flesh capable of thought.

As time passes on, and we progress through the journey of life, at some point we begin to question our own existence. As we learn more about what this world is, and answer some of the questions of our youthful days, more questions spring about than ever before. We learn that there are only so many answers to so many of these questions that we have at a point in the human life. Those who came before us no longer seem like the people who knew more about life, but it seems that they knew a different life altogether.

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Over the last thousands of years, whether it be by due to a scheme or it have been done by mistake, groups of humans have been manipulated into believing sorts of fallacy that guide their existence. But, while these ideas that were conceived by a common man or woman who may be mere mortal, no more significant in Mother Nature’s plot than you or I, these ideas have been more imposed on groups of people rather than guided.

The Man’s institutions that ruled human societies have not done so without question from groups of people. Over time, new thoughts are introduced into various humans which completely change the existence of life as they knew it. Perceived life continues to change, but during dramatic shifts of rational thinking opens the eyes of the people to recognize deception and illogical ideas and cause someone to want to seek out the truths. The notion that someone rules dominion over another begins to decay in a person’s thought process. Tactics to regulate the way of life for groups of people soon begin to seem foolish.

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After the sanctity of religious, political, and ideological institutions begin to dissolve, a new wave of thinking emerges. From what it seems, the new way of thinking is simply, change. Our nomadic instincts that have carried the human race to the top of the intelligent life on Earth are telling us that there may be a way of thinking, but it’s not this way, so it must change.

New waves of ideas for anyone to deal with can seem overbearing. Our consciousness and unconsciousness are strong willed, and can delude anyone into getting wrapped up in their thoughts. New views of life  creates new discoveries, solutions, but also more questions. The darkness of the unknown is the hard aspect of boundary dissolving ways of thinking. Throughout all of our lives up until these discoveries, boundaries are what guided our existence, and we believed we were only capable of what was only acceptable by others in society. Times are changing. You are changing.

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Keep yourself open to new ideas, conclude for yourself what you are capable of. Use your own thinking to guide your own existence. Don’t let the “way of the world” guide your future, because that future that you are being guided for doesn’t exist yet. Who is to know what the future holds? Nobody.

One of my favorite excerpts is the speech Carl Sagan gave during the final episode of Cosmos. It is 3 minutes, I promise it’s worth it. Take a listen.

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