How To Find Your Purpose in Life

By | 07/11/2016

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During just about every person’s upbringing, there was a point in time where we all believed that we had a mission in life. Whether it be through older children, parental figures, teachers, religious institutions, or other important figures in our lives, we were all introduced to the belief that we each had a purpose in our lives. That feeling may have faded or people may have come to the conclusion that there is no purpose for any of us, we can all still make a mark on the people around us and have the chance to change and improve the lives of those close to us.

If life doesn’t seem to have a purpose anymore or might seem like it is spiraling in a negative direction, here are some tips to help you feel like you can make a difference in this world. 

Finding  Life’s Purpose

Our personal selves and our own psyche hold us back from a lot of accomplishments. The world around can have some incredibly negative attributes that can affect your life, but the words that others use towards you should not slow you down from your achievements. In our own minds, we are the center of existence. We want often want the projection that we have on others to be perceived in a positive light. But, when negativity is directed towards us, it can hurt. We become distressed when anytime we are not in bliss, and anxiety can uproot itself in our consciousness. Failure is painful, and uncomfortable. Feelings of failure can drive us towards becoming irrational, and projecting emotions we would not normally want. Most of the problems that hold us back in life, are due to this personal space we have created for our own selves.

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To move towards the discovery of one’s purpose in life, we must learn to see ourselves from the outside, and take our “self” out of the equation. Life isn’t about us. The momentary satisfactions of the world such as television, media, pornography, fast food, etcetera, keep us as self centered people. But in reality, we likely believe most of these satisfaction redeeming urges actually can make the rest of life uncomfortable. The daily life occurrences are what drive the entirety of the scope of our lives, and if we waste our own time worrying about the self and using time unwisely, then reaching the purpose of life becomes more difficult to attain.

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When you take yourself out of the equation, and personal emotions are no longer holding you back, understanding what life is around you becomes easier.

  • We understand what others require from us. (Comfort, affection, a listener, emotional support) and we are able to help them easier.
  • Those around us will have their lives become easier due to their being more support around them, and a less heavy burden on their own self.
  • Daily actions produce daily results, which lead to a lifetime of results. The betterment of those around is will contribute to the betterment of ourselves.
  • Find your purpose in life by doing things for others rather than yourself. The redeeming nature of those around having a better life will leave your life with a portfolio of successes.

mlk for othersLife is a lot bigger than just ourselves. Realizing there are others around who think just like you, and may be going through the same feelings that you have makes things easier to understand, and your purpose seem more clear. When you live your life for others and not just yourself, you become a meaningful part of life to others, and no matter what, it will be clear to see that you had a purpose in your life.

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