The World is Transitioning, Do You Know Enough?

By | 10/11/2016

There are a lot of issues we as a species face in this life on this planet, as well as the rest of this life that we share this planet with. But we sure seem to be the most intelligent life on this planet. We sure have accomplished up to this point in life. But there is still a lot more to be done.

We are in an age of transition. It seems to have just worked out that upon exiting the 1900’s and transiting into this new millennium, a ton is changing early on in the initial phase of the common era 2000 years. With a new technological revolution has brought about a ton of progression and spreading of ideas, but as of now, it seems to only benefit a few classes of people, while other humans pay the price for the rest of us to have access to new technology. Nevertheless, this new wave of technology has given us a lot of answers that are necessary to commence with this transition.

transitioning into a new phase

Recently, and especially this year, a new collective conscious is beginning to form. The ideas of conquering our fellow species through war,  brainwashing the public, and other ethical dilemmas are beginning to fade away.

Groups of individuals are realizing that we are all one species, and while we make look differently, we have a lot more in common than most will consider. This idea of accepting other members of our own species is helping to transition into actual care for the environment, and other species on this planet. People are changing many of their daily habits and coming up with models that will ease the suffering that we cause to this planet. Different sets of morals are becoming instilled into massive amounts of the population, and people are finally beginning to awaken.

the route is the goal

Technology has allowed the public to more easily and quickly communicate with others. Through this, the population is learning the level of control that faces society by what we refer to as the higher powers. While this angers many, it is the understanding and learning of this that should help satisfy us. For it is the knowledge and being able to understand the situations at hand that is most important before we are going to be able to take the necessary steps to remedy these types of situations.

This new millennia has the feeling that there will be a great transition into a new type of world with will soon face all of us. For this transition to occur though, much of the population must be willing to put their step forward and do what is necessary to move towards a peaceful transition where there is so much opportunity that lies ahead.

This is the point in time to do your necessary research and catch up to learning on what is going on around you. Understand the circumstances of the situations that are greatly affecting your lives, and try to realize what could be your purpose in this whole grand scheme of things. How are you going to make a positive difference in the world?

Keep positive spirits alive and well, and soon, we will reach the type of world that we desire, and soon after, reach the one that is completely unknown to us all.

stay optimistic

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